iFi iPower 15V/1.2A
iFi iPower 15V/1.2A

iFi iPower 15V/1.2A

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The ipower is a ground -up and completely new version of the ifi Ultra-Low Noise AC/DC Adaptor for all iF main-powered product and other audio devices that require asuper-silent 5V, 9V, 12V or 15V power supply.


input: 100-240V/AC

Output: 5V/2.5A; 9V/2.0A; 12V/1.8A; 15V/1.2A

Outplug: 3.5x1.3mm; 4.0x1.7mm; 4.8x1.7mm; 5.5x2.1mm; 5.5x2.5mm; Reverse Polarity Plug(White)


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