Libratone Lounge

Maximum sound, minimalistic design. Libratone Lounge is an exclusive wireless sound system for movies and music alike. Stream your favourite tunes with AirPlay, PlayDirect™or DLNA technology directly from iPads, iPhones, iPod touch, Mac, Windows and Android devices. Connects with your TV via analog or digital cable.

Patented FullRoom™ technology creates 360° stereo from just one speaker unit.
AirPlay for high-resolution wireless audio streaming
Libratone PlayDirect™ eliminates need for a Wi-Fi access point
Digital signal processing and digital amplification

150W total. 1x50W bass, 2x25W tweeter & 2x25W midrange.
drive units

1 x 8" inverted woofer, 2 x 4" ceramic midrange and 2 x 1" ribbon based tweeters.
acoustic performance

Frequency range: 38-20.000 Hz. Max output: 103 dB SPL/ 1m.

Libratone Lounge is made of exclusive materials including a body of wood, high-end piano finish and Italian cashmere wool.

Height: 23.7 cm / 9.3" ?Width: 100,0 cm / 39.4" ?Depth: 12,0 cm / 4.7" ?Weight: 12 kg / 26,5 lbs.

110-230 Volt AC, 50/60Hz. Power consumption 80/6 W. Energy saving standby power consumption of only 1 W. Libratone Lounge is not rechargeable and needs to be connected to mains (110 - 230V AC) to play


ADL GT40 USB DAC/ADC/mm/mcPhono/headphone amp

The GT40 is built for enthusiasts with growing music collections on their computer hard drives. It’s a high performance 24-bits/96kHz USB DAC that’s amazingly affordable.

The seriously-shielded audiophile-grade GT40 features a low-latency USB 2.0 audio driver that plays and records at 96 kHz. A likely first for this category, the GT40 includes a built-in low-noise MM / MC phono preamp! Record your favorite vinyl to hard disk via the USB output.

The ADL GT40 features L/R analog outputs, and switchable line or phono inputs with a vivid, captivating sound that is simply unheard of in this category. The ADL GT40 (wired with Furutech’s GT2 USB cable of course!) brings Furutech’s signature sound -- smooth, detailed clarity -- to desktop systems, especially with high resolution 24-bits/96kHz files, but even 16-bit/44.1kHz files sound impeccable and very musical.

Unico Primo CD Player

Transport: TEAC CD5010A
Digital interface: Wolfson Micro WM8804
Sample Rate Converter: Burr Brown SRC4192
Convertiter D/A: Wolfson Micro WM8524
Sampling: 24bit / 96kHz
Digital Standard: AES3, IEC60958 (S/PDIF) e EIAJ CP-1201
Digital input (Ext): Isochronous-Out 16bit / 32-48kHz (USB-B)
Digital output: 44.1kHz
Output stage: solid state, Class A
Outputs: 1 RCA
Gain: Triode Class-A
Valve: 1 x ECC82 (12AU7)
Power conumption: 100W max
Dimensions (la x lu x alt): 43.5 x 43 x 9.5 cm
Net weight: 10 kg

Nippon Digital Antenna for HDTV

Nippon Antenna from Japan will give you free HDTV off air starting at only $109.00 - no subscriber fee!!

UDF-80 model shown is $199.00.

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