Hegel HD30 Digital To Analogue(DAC)/ Preamp

> Available in Satin Black or Satin Silver finish
> 32-bit / 192-kHz DAC with AirPlay
> Very high performance digital preamp
> Inputs: 1 AES/EBU, 1 BNC, 1 Coax S/PDIF
> Inputs: 3xOptical, 1 USB, 1 Network
> RCA and XLR (Balanced) analogue output :
> Direct IR in - 3.5mmjack; DisplayON/OFF
> Frequency response: 0 Hz - 50 kHz

>RC8D aluminium remote;

-3 year warranty

-Weight: 6,5 kg (14.2 Lbs)

-Dimensions (H x W x D): 102 x 430 x 290 mm (4 x 17 x 11.4 in)

Hegel HD 12 Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC) / Preamp

> Available in Satin Black finish
> True DSD-playback; USB to 24-bit / 192 kHz
> Digital preamp with headphone output
> 1 Coaxial, 2 Optical and 1 USB-B (2.0) inputs
> RCA and XLR (Balanced) analogue outputs
> Frequency response: 0 Hz - 50 kHz
> DAC IC/Digital filter: 32 bit; Noise floor: -145 dB
> Distortion: typically less than 0.0005%
> RC7 remote control; 3 year warranty

Dimensions: (H x W x D): 60 x 210 x 260 mm(2.4 x 8.3 x 10.3 in)

Weight: 3,5 kg(7.7 lbs)

Hegel HD 360 Integrated Amp with DAC and Air Play

> Available in Satin Black finish
> 250-W@8 Ohms; 420-W@4 Ohms
> Minimumload: 2 Ohms
> Apple AirPlay, DLNA, native DSD64 + DSD128
> Analogue inputs: XLR, RCA, Home Theatre
> Analogue outputs: 1 fixed + 1 variable line (RCA)
> Digital inputs: Ethernet, USB, coax, 3x optical
> Control input: 3.5mmIR-Jack (rear)

> RC8 aluminiumremote; 3 year warranty

Weight: 20.5 kg (45 lbs)

Dimensions (H xW x D): 150 x 430 x 430 mm (5.9 x 17 x 17 in)

Hegel H160 Integrated Amp With DAC and Airplay

> Available in Satin Black finish
> 150-W@8 Ohms; 250-W@4 Ohms
> Patented Sound Engine technology
> Analogue IN: 1 XLR, 1 RCA, 1 Home Theatre
> Digital IN: 1 coax, 3x optical, 1 USB, 1 ethernet
> Analogue OUT: 1 fixed + 1 variable line (RCA)
> Headphone OUT: 6.3mm; 270mw@64 Ohms
> Damping factor: >1000 ; S/N Ratio: >100 dB
> RC8 aluminium remote

3 year warranty

Weight:19 kg (ship)(1442 lbs.2 lbs)

Dimensions (H x W x D): 120 x 430 x 410 mm (ship)(7.7 x 17 x 16.2 in)

Hegel H90 Integrated Amp with Dac

The H90 provides the most dynamic 60 watts per channel sound you have ever heard, and comes with a set of features that add value and flexibility. In the Hegel H90 we included network streaming, Apple Airplay®, and a variety of digital and analogue connections. All (except streaming) of which are configurable to be fixed level inputs, allowing you to easily integrate the H90 in a Home Theater system. Or perhaps you just want to connect the digital output of your Sonos streamer and use the Sonos volume attenuator rather than the Hegel remote? There is also a high quality headphone output and a sleek, informative, white OLED display.

The new and improved SoundEngine2 reduces distortion even further than our older models. It makes certain you hear all those tiny details in the music. The ones that suck you in and give you the feeling of actually being there, while also sounding natural and fluid. SoundEngine2 also quite dramatically improves bass control, and the amplifier's grip of the loudspeakers, which is why even a tiny 60 watts of output power can be enough. The grip, or damping factor as it is called, is up to 20 times higher than the industry average. Ensuring a dynamic and powerful bass response, even on larger floor standing loudspeakers.

The H90 is designed simply, making it a perfect stand-alone unit. Connect your TV, cable decoder, phono stage or phones. Add a pair of speakers and you are good to go!
Technical Details

Power output 2 x 60W in 8 Ohms
Minimum load 2 ohms
Analog Inputs 2 x unbalanced (RCA)
Digital Inputs 1 x coaxial S/PDIF, 3 x optical S/PDIF, 1 x USB, 1 x Network
Line level Output 1 x unbalanced variable (RCA)
Frequency response 5Hz-100kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio More than 100dB
Crosstalk Less than -100dB
Distortion Less than 0.01% @ 25W 8 Ohms 1kHz
Intermodulation Less than 0.01% (19kHz + 20kHz)
Damping factor More than 2000 (main power output stage)
Dimensions 8cm x 43cm x 31cm (HxWxD), 11kg shipment weight
Dimensions (US) 3.15” x 16.93” x 12.20” (HxWxD), 26.46lbs shipment weight

Hegel Rost Integrated Amp With 4 Control and Air Play


Power output: 2 x 75 W into 8 Ohms. Minimum load: 2 Ohms
Analog inputs: 1 x balanced (XLR), 2 x unbalanced (RCA)
Digital inputs: 1 x coaxial S/PDIF, 3 x optical S/PDIF, 1 x USB, 1 x Network
Line level output: 1 x unbalanced variable (RCA)
Frequency response: 5 Hz - 100 kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio: More than 100 dB
Crosstalk: Less than -100 dB
Distortion: Less than 0.01% @ 50 W 8 Ohms 1kHz
Intermodulation: Less than 0.01% (19 kHz + 20 kHz)
Damping factor: More than 2000 (main power output stage)
Dimensions: 8cm (10cm w/feet) x 43cm x 31cm (HxWxD)
Weight: 12kg shipment weight

Available in Satin White

Hegel H20 2 Channel Dual Mono Power Amp

> Available in Satin Black or Satin Silver finish
> 200-Watts@8 Ohms
> 360-Watts@4 Ohms
> 400-Watts@2 Ohms
> Patented Sound Engine technology
> RCA and XLR (balanced) inputs
> Signal to noise ratio:more than 100 dB
> Damping factor:more than 1000
> 3 year warranty

Weight: 25 kg (55 lbs)

Dimensions (H x W x D): 120 x 430 x 370 mm (4.7 x 17 x 14.6 in)

Hegel H4 SE 2 Channel Dual Mono Power Amp

> Available in Satin Silver finish each
> 300-Watts@8 Ohms
> 570-Watts@4 Ohms
> Patented Sound Engine technology
> RCA inputs
> XLR (balanced) inputs
> Signal to noise ratio:more than 100 dB
> Damping factor:more than 1000
> 3 year warranty

Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)

Dimensions (H x W x D): 210 x 430 x 550 mm (8.3 x 17 x 21.7 in)


Roma 27AC Integrated Tube Amp

25W per channel Push]Pull
4 x 6L6 (Pentode Configuration)
2 x 12AX7 input tubes
Remote Control (volume / Input)


Roma 753AC Integrated Tube Amp

50W per channel Push]Pull
4 x EL34 (Pentode configuration)
2 x 12AU7 input tubes
Remote Control (Volume / Inputs )


Roma 510AC Integrated Tube Amp

80W per channel Push]Pull
4 x KT88 (Pentode Configuration)
2 x 12AX7 input
2 x 12BH7 phase splitter
Remote Control (Volume / Input)


Roma 54DC+ Solid State Integrated Amp

100 Watts/Chan Class D
4 x line inputs, 1 x phono (MM)
1 x USB 2.0, 1 x Optical
DAC: 24 bit 384khz PCM & 5.6 DSD
Remote Volume & Input

Integrated Amp Primo with DAC

Output power: >80W RMS on 8Ohm
Output stage: Dynamic A Class POWER MOSFET complementary pair
Polarization: Classe A Dinamic
Input stage: Triodi A-Class A
Valve: 1 x ECC83 (12AX7)
Sensibilty: 260mV
Input impedance: 50 k? / 47 pF
Frequency response: -0.1dB@10Hz / -0.5dB@100kHz
SNR: 90dB
THD: 0.15% @ 10W, 1kHz
Negative feedback: 10dB
Damping Factor: >50
Inputs: 5 line RCA, 1 tape RCA
Output: 1 tape RCA, 1 subwoofer RCA
Output connectors: 4 +4 per Bi-Wiring
Remote control: Volume, IR
Power consumption: 380W max
Dimensions (la x lu x alt): 43.5 x 43 x 9.5 cm
Net weight: 14 kg

Option: phono stage

Unico Nuovo integrated Amp

Output Power: 95W RMS/ 8Ohm
Frequency response: -0.1dB @ 10Hz, -0.5dB @ 100kHz
Input Impedance: 50kOhm // 47pF
Sensibility: 260mV RMS
Input stage: Pure A Class, parallel Valve stage, ECC83/12AX7
Output stage: Dynamic A Class POWER MOSFET complementary
Input: 5 Line RCA (1 phono optional)
Line Output: 1 tape, 1 sub (with volume control)
Output Connector: 4 + 4 bi-wiring
Feedback factor: 10dB
THD: 0.15% @ 10W/1kHz
Power consuption: 400W max
Size: 43.5cm x 9.5cm x 43cm
Weight: 16kg

Option: phono Stage

VTL TL2.5i Stereo Preamp
Pure tube circuit with high current low impedance output
Drives amplifier loads down to 45kohm without audible bass roll-off
Stiff power supplies for each gain stage
6 line inputs (5 with phono), 2 pairs single ended RCA outputs, 1 tape loop, 1 record output, 1 external processor loop for home theater
Optional internally retro-fittable phono stage for MM and MC
Remote volume control and mute
User Selectable Gain Switch (Normal and Low gain) in the Line Stage
Mono function for Line and Phono inputs
Simplest direct circuit path for purest musical sound and high reliability
Audiophile-quality 27mm laser-trimmed volume and balance controls
High quality VTL gold plated RCA jacks
High quality glass fiber circuit board with heavy copper traces
Heavy 16-gauge chassis construction, with well-shielded power supplies
Ultra-low-radiation power transformer design
Detachable IEC power cord

Available in Black or Silver!

VTL TP2.5 phono Series II

The new TP2.5 Series II phono stage represents a tremendous value for those looking to assemble a high resolution analog system at a reasonable cost. Completely redesigned from the earlier version, the TP2.5 is trickled down from our flagship phono stage, the renowned TP6.5. Delivering a large measure of the musicality and resolution of its much more expensive stablemate, the new TP2.5 offers dramatic improvements in speed, delicacy, nuance and drive.

Crafted with a similar high quality build and finish as VTL’s more expensive models, the TP2.5 has an elegant silhouette, and the features to match. With an eye toward flexibility and user friendliness, the 2.5 offers user-adjustable cartridge impedance, and two levels of gain, with inputs for both MC and MM cartridges. JFET/tube hybrid circuitry is used for the MC stage, and all-tube circuitry for the MM stage. Enhanced RIAA compensation and a front-panel switchable rumble filter offer even more functionality. The signal path is purposely kept simple and direct, with audiophile-grade components throughout, for ultimate sonic purity.

Vacuum Tube Complement 1 x 12AU7 2 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AT7
Inputs 1 pair single-ended RCA 1 pair single-ended RCA
Outputs 1 pair single-ended RCA
Gain (Total 62dB) 56 dB or 62 dB 42 dB
Output Impedance 425?
Frequency Response +0 -1 dB 10Hz – 50kHz
Maximum Output Voltage <1% THD 20V
Cartridge load impedance Variable: 100?, 250?, 470?, 1k?, 4k7?, 47k? 47k?, 100k?
Minimum Recommended Cartridge Output 0.2 mV 1.5 mV
Signal to Noise Ratio 50 dB 56 dB
Channel Separation > 50dB (20 Hz – 20 kHz)
Power Consumption 25W
Dimensions W x D x H 19 x 14 x 3.75? / 48.25 x 35.5 x 9.5 cm
Weight 25 lbs (11.34 kg) packed

Available in Black or Silver!

VTL TL5.5 Series II Line Preamp

The fundamental qualities that made the original TL-5.5 special—its all-tube design, the optional retrofittable phono stage, and its superb sonic characteristics—are unchanged. What's new is the application of advanced audio technology sourced from VTL's TL-7.5 Reference and TL-6.5 Signature preamplifiers. This technology uses a simple circuit topology with low negative feedback and a high current/low impedance output stage in a low-noise microprocessor-based design. Top quality parts, fully balanced operation, and precision-regulated and shielded power supplies yield a full yet neutral sound with high resolution, transparency, speed and powerful dynamics.

Much of the engineering prowess inherent in these world-class preamps has been transferred to the new TL5.5. New fully regulated power supplies are similar to those of its bigger siblings and the unit is now fully balanced, for inputs as well as outputs. Similarly, VTL's latest thinking from our new and acclaimed TP-6.5 Signature phono stage is now applied to the optional MC phono stage, which can be easily retrofitted internally. It offers 68dB of gain and a balanced output, with a JFET/12AU7 high current MC stage (or high-grade stepup transformer), split-pole passive RIAA stage with a dual 12AX7 MM stage for maximum headroom voltage swing. Triple-precision power supply regulation and full gain and load setting with RIAA enhanced and rumble cut functions translate to a clean and quiet yet dynamic sound that brings vinyl to life!

Available in Black or Silver

VTL ST 85 Stereo Power Amp

Compact Stereo Amplifier ideal for entry level systems
Musical sounding EL34 tubes in the output stage
Tetrode/Triode Switchable
60 Watts per channel in tetrode
30 Watts per channel in triode
Extruded aluminum front panel with luxurious, modern look – black and silver options available
Front panel comes with a window of thick tinted glass where you can see the glow of tubes


Available in Black or Silver!

VTL ST150 stereo Power Amp

Over 150 watts per channel (300 watts of stereo power), this stereo amplifier offers superb musical clarity and plenty of power in one compact chassis. Utilizing the finest quality parts, and entirely hand built by experienced craftsmen, the ST-150 is VTL’s offering of a high value, high power stereo tube amplifier. The noted VTL quick, clean, musical sound and exceptional bass punch is delivered here by the 6550 tubes. Exceptionally well suited to triode operation, yet they are also very dynamic and fast in tetrode mode, these VTL amplifiers are well-suited to smaller electrostatic panels and dynamic speakers not requiring high current. For commanding performances on the midrange and clarity on the top, VTL wins hands down. In triode mode, the amp is best suited to speakers with an efficiency of 92dB/1W/1m or higher.

- High energy storage power supply >200 joules

- VTL proprietary output transformer

- Very low-noise floor with specially designed grounding scheme

- 150W Tetrode/ 70W Triode Switchable

- 4x 6550 tubes per channel with individual bias setting for each tube

- Audiophile grade film and foil caps used in the signal path

Available in Black or Silver

VTL S200 Stereo Amp


Fully balanced differential circuit – even single-ended signal produces balanced signal at output
Fully balanced differential input and driver stages for increased signal swing, bandwidth and stability
Zero global Negative Feedback

Tube-like JFET type current source maintains sonic integrity in single-ended mode
Lower impedance output stage for improved loudspeaker control
Proprietary designed interleaving and coupling in the balanced VTL Signature output transformer, for wider bandwidth and zero ringing
Variable user-adjustable DF feedback control to vary output impedance and damping factor for optimal matching to speaker load
Software microprocessor controlled: Tetrode/Triode Switchable
Auto Bias, Fault Sensing; Current in-rush limiting
Standby Mute function; with reduced tube current for increased tube life

Adjustable regulated screen supply for stable operating point; discrete regulated input and driver supply for greater signal resolution and tonality
Adjustable precision-regulated bias supply for greater signal resolution and noise rejection and improved isolation from mains supply variations; output operating point does not change with AC power fluctuations
Autobias and fault sensing system to operate in fully balanced differential mode; amplifier is fully protected against output tube failure; no need for precision matching of output tubes
Film bypass of power supply caps for greater HF resolution

Vacuum Tube Complement 8 x 6550 or KT-88, 2 x 12AT7, 2 x 12BH7
Output power 20Hz – 20kHz <2.5% THD Tetrode: 200W, Triode: 100W into 5O load
Input sensitivity Variable between 700mV and 1.6V, depending upon DF setting
Input impedance 45kO
Load setting 5O
Optimum load range 4O – 8O
S/N Ratio -110dB, 120 Hz
Power consumption Idle = 330W, Full power = 1000W

Dimensions W x D x H 18.5 x 18 x 9 inches (47 x 45.7 x 23 cm)
Weight 105lbs (47.6Kg) unpacked, 120lbs (54Kg) packed

Available in Black or Silver!

VTL MB125 Mono Blocks

Years of refinement have produced an amplifier of unparalleled clarity and music at its price. These space efficient monoblocks, sold in single monoblocks or in pairs, are an excellent choice for the two-channel as well as home theater systems. Easily drives all but the most inefficient loudspeakers. One listen, and you'll understand why this is the most favorably reviewed amplifier ever made.

- High energy storage power supply > 200 Joules
- VTL proprietary output transformer
- 3000 hours rated tube life
- Individual bias setting for each tube
- Optimum load range 2 – 8 ohms
- User switchable tetrode/triode mode

Available in Black or Silver!

VTL MB185III Mono Blocks

Proprietary VTL Signature Output Transformer used in all Signature and Reference products.
Stiff, well regulated power supplies, with separate B+ power supplies for each stage.
Well regulated, low noise double- insulated power transformers.
High capacitance energy storage.
All solid state rectification for long life and high reliability.
Specially matched, comprehensively tested and burned in tubes.
Small signal frequency response: 7Hz – 100kHz, +0, -1 dB
Full power frequency response: 20Hz – 25kHz @< 1.5% THD at rated power

Available in Black or Silver!